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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017
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Brian Crower Camshafts: Lexus IS300 Shafted

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Lexus IS300 Brian Crower CamshaftsThe Lexus IS300 came with a lot of potential, yet seemed to be lacking the essence of the European cars that it was meant to capture. However, we have found what could be the missing ingredient in the IS300’s engine that every European car lover desires; a robust engine that always screams to be fed your right foot.

The Lexus IS300 is a rear-wheel drive, compact luxury sports sedan manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corp. under the Lexus brandBrian Crower Cams and originally sold as the Toyota Altezza in Japan. The model was introduced to slot below the ES in the Lexus lineup and to compete against the BMW 3 Series and the Nissan Skyline/Infiniti G. The first-generation Altezza (codename XE10) was launched in Japan in October 1998, while the Lexus IS200 made its debut in Europe in 1999 and the IS300 in North America in 2001. The "IS" stands for "Intelligent Sport. The 2JZ-GE powered IS series engine, although not as popular as it's turbocharged (2JZ-GTE) brother, is a 3.0 liter inline six cylinder, mounted longitudinally and, unlike the 2JZ-GTE, features Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) on the intake camshaft which provides both improved low-end torque and high rpm horsepower. Also fits the 1998-2005 2nd generation Lexus GS300 (Toyota Aristo).

So, you want to add those European engine characteristics that makes it more than fun to drive on the street? We’ve got the answer for you. Brian Crower has created a Street/Strip Specification

Plug and play application camshafts for the IS300. The camshafts have a great short duration for nice street manners with a slight lope at idle. This is an excellent all purpose specification for the IS300. OEM springs are OK. So, in laymen terms, these camshafts are a lot of fun for the money, and won’t leave your engine hurting.

Cam #
Adv. Dur.
Dur @ .050
Lift (in)
Lift (mm)
Street/Strip Specification
Plug and play application. Short duration for nice street manners, slight lope at idle. Excellent all purpose spec.
OEM spring OK.                          


Race Specification
Longer duration profile, added rpm potential. Intended for fully built engine. Tuning and ECU mods recommended. Requires kit BC0300.

2JZGE (Lexus IS300)

So, you’ve purchased the cams and you’re all hot and ready to get moving. Here’s what you’ll want do next. The stock ECU in your car will tune your car to manage the new camshafts that you have purchased.  Yes, that is correct! That’s a lot of gain for next to no pain.   However, we do recommend that you have your car retuned to get the most out of your car.

Stage 2 is producing close to 10 HP and the Stage 3 is dishing out close to 35 HP.  That's alot of gain for only $599.99.

Now, we sell two different camshafts, and the good part about it is that they're both the same price.  Stage 2 is rated at 10HP and the Stage 3 is rated at 35HP.  Tuning and ECU modifications are absolutely recommended for Stage 3.

Here’s a little of what people that purchased these camshafts have said:

Leonard from WI: Cams are in, car is running and it sounds sexy!! Anyone who has doubts on these cams shouldnt anymore. I just put them in a brand new engine and had no worries about them at all!!!  my butt dyno can feel a nice swift kick in the pants! I wanna say it probably added maybe 30hp or 35hp at the max. i love my 2nd gear pull tho its lovely!!

If you would like more info on the Brian Crower camshafts for your Lexus IS300 or for more applications, please give us a call or click here:

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