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Saturday, 30 Aug 2014
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KW Coilover Suspension in 2 Variants for 2010+ Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

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KW Suspension Camaro Convertible

KW Suspensions announces their stainless steel constructed coil-over for the 2010+ Chevrolet Camaro Convertible. Two Variants of the KW suspension line up is now available!


The KW Suspensions coilover for the Camaro Convertible enables the owner to lower their vehicle 0.9-1.8 on the front axle and 0.8-2.0 on the rear axle and retains enough travel to handle maximum load and dynamic loads during driving. Variant 1 (Part # 10261017) with its preset dampening rates permits customized lowering of the suspension and creates an optimized balance of sportiness, comfort and safety. With the Variant 3 (Part # 35261017) drivers are able to adapt the suspension to their driving style, by using the fully adjustable independent rebound and compression technology to achieve the maximum of performance, driving comfort and safety. All KW coilovers come with a lifetime warranty and pass stringent German TUV safety & quality testing standards. Each kit is TUV approved.

     Why KW Suspensions?

  R&D - KW Suspensions spends an incredible amount time and effort testing their product on the Autobahn as well as race tracks including the Nurburgring. They also utilize a very sophisticated 7-post shock dyno. (seen below)
KW Suspensions 7-Post shock dynoKW Suspensions 7-Post shock dynoKW Suspensions 7-Post shock dyno
  Product Quality - KW kits are built out of the highest quality materials and come with a lifetime warranty.

  Performance - KW's perform as well on the track as they do on the street.

  Everything is in the box - KW does a very nice job of packaging their kits such that when you open the box, everything is there and ready to go, all the way down to giving you a spanner wrench to allow you to adjust the shock ride height. We have sold hundreds of kits and never had a customer call us even one time to complain that their kit was incomplete.

  Steering feel and ride quality - the Germans just know how to make cars handle well. Also, they know how to give cars a certain steering feel that makes you feel connected to the road. Most BMW's have this feel. KW suspensions gives the same feeling when you add them to a car that did not previously have that kind of steering feel.

     Full KW Suspensions Product Line

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