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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017
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Top 10 Honda Performance Parts

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Top 10 Honda Performance Parts
This is the Top 10 Honda Performance Parts.  You may hate it, you may love it, and may certainly debate it.  Honda has been the top auto manufacturer in the world, and has made many impressive innovations that have impacted the auto industry. During their creation of hundreds of models, there have been some 'boring' and economical cars as well as some exciting spine chilling rides.  Not only do they have great numbers in sales and high ratings, their impact on the tuner industry is through the roof!

The Honda Civic, alone, is one of the most popular tuner cars out there due to the infinite custom parts available, it’s very cost efficient, has several different engine swaps available, and best of all, you can turn your Mom’s grocery getter into a race car fairly easily! Since this is all about the power and excitement, lets cut to the chase and narrow down the Top 10 Performance parts for your Honda!

Top 10 Honda Performance Parts List Almost 90% of the time, the first thing that a tuner modifies on a car is the small, rusty, and quiet exhaust. With just a cat back exhaust you knock out three different categories:  power gain, sound, and esthetics. Just be very cautious when buying an exhaust, especially for a Honda. Hondas are known to be some of the biggest 'ricer' mobiles but, if you chose the right parts, you will end up with a very respectable car. So, to be on the safe side, you’ll want to stick with something like Apexi, Greddy, or Borla. Once you see it and hear it you’ll be able to distinguish a quality and stylish add on. Many out there believe that an exhaust is just a tube with a can at the end and it’s a waste to spend the extra money on a name brand product. They are wrong; a name brand product is tested with flow chart evidence to prove that the diameter and curvature of the pipes truly does deliver the best performance. Whether it’s an Accord, S2000, or an NSX, these companies will provide you with the best and most respected exhaust that money can buy for your Honda.
Apex N1 Exhaust Apex N1 Exhaust Apex N1 Exhaust

Top 10 Honda Performance Parts List An intake is another very popular modification tuners do. Even the best intakes out there are pretty inexpensive and make your engine bay look much better! Power and sound is also improved as the stock silencers are removed and replaced with an aluminum polished pipe, and flow is greatly increased as a cone high performance air filter is installed and that bulky air box is in the trash! Whether you like the cold air intake or the short ram intake, there are plenty of choices in this category. AEM, Blitz, and DC have it covered. They provide the top quality when it comes to the best flowing and protecting filters, the best fitment so you don’t have to do any custom modification to your engine bay, and the nicest finish so they shine like a mirror to give you that show car look. These companies have a huge variety of options so whatever Honda your trying to tune, there will be something for you.
DC Sports CAI System AEM Cold Air Intake Blitz Sonice Air Cleaner 

Top 10 Honda Performance Parts ListHonda owners love a car with a lowered look and stance! The only way to get that signature look is to have the right suspension. A proper coilover system provides the best versatility allowing you to be able to make the ride height as low as you want, adjust the dampening for performance, and best of all keep the ride comfort at a decent level, unlike the bouncy lowering springs. The great thing about a coilover system is that it can be used for any application from a show car quality NSX, to a road racing S2000, to even a street Civic. Proper coilover systems made by either KW Suspension, Stance, or Tein are going to drastically improve the handling and the stance of your Honda. Tested for durability, quality, and performance these stand out of the crowd making them the best choice for your coilover setup.
DC Sports CAI System AEM Cold Air Intake Blitz Sonice Air Cleaner 

Top 10 Honda Performance Parts List Hondas are not really known for their high displacement and through-the-roof torque. Nonetheless, they still maintain 10 second cars. One way to reach that kind of speed is through boost. It may seem like a lot, but you know you want it and you know you’ll do what it takes to have it! Possessing a turbo is a pretty hefty setup, as many things have to be changed, such as the exhaust manifold and down pipe, the addition of an intercooler, routing the piping for the turbo, installing a boost controller and an upgraded cooling system, just to name a few. Other components like adding an upgraded computer to control the air fuel ratio, installing larger injectors to supply the extra thirst for fuel, as well as an upgraded fuel pump to keep the pressure up, plus engine internals for those who want to take the boost levels very high. If you are going to go this far you’ve gotta do it right!

Picking the right turbo kit is essential as the kit contains many things you will need to put it all together. When the thought of forced induction comes to mind, names like Greddy, HKS, and Blitz are foremost. Over the years and evolution of tuning, these companies have helped cars reach 10 second quarter mile times, outstanding road course speeds, and most of all, dominating the dyno. The quality and performance outcomes from these companies definitely put them in top spots for the most popular Honda performance parts.
Blitz Turbo System GReddy Turbo Kit Bolt-On HKS Bolt-On Turbo Kit 

Top 10 Honda Performance Parts List A good boost controller is key to getting the best performance out of your turbo system. This will allow you to raise boost levels to where you want them to be, and how you want your turbo to respond. Setting such things as the gain and peak, or having two different boost maps, will fine tune your turbo to make it as responsive as possible and keep it from over-boosting. Having a regular driving boost setting will leave you at an easy setting, while, with a press of a button, you wil be able to switch to a racing, high-boost setting within seconds. Some boost controllers like the Apexi ACVR will allow you to make different boost levels for different gears, so you won't just burn tires upon acceleration. It is critical to have some sort of boost controller because, without one, the turbo will spool uncontrollably, resulting in premature failure, engine damage, and poor performance. Apexi, Greddy, and Blitz nail this aspect again as they are the masters of boost.
APEXi AVC-R Boost Controller Blitz SBC i-D III GReddy Profec B Spec II  

Top 10 Honda Performance Parts List Turbos and high performance parts are all fun and games but you can’t forget about the basics. The bloods of your engine are just as important. Having good fluids in your engine and transmission will accommodate for the extra abuse, higher temperatures, and help withstand failure. High performance synthetic oils like Royal Purple, Red Line, and Eneos, are proven to outperform the competition. The fully synthetic oils will provide better coating and lubrication which will then prevent high temperatures due to friction, therefore, aiding in keeping an engine running stronger, longer. There are several different weights and thickness of these oils, as well as Royal Purples new, engine break-in oil.
ENEOS Motor Oil 0W50 Red Line Synthetic Racing Oil Royal Purple Motor Oil   

Top 10 Honda Performance Parts List Rear spoilers, when used properly(not backwards) can give a Honda a good look and be functional.  For the rear wheel drive Hondas S2000, This wing not only makes it look better, but adds the down force that is needed for high-speed cornering. There is definitely a benefit to having a proper wing installation. Most wings out there are made to “look” cool even though everyone knows they are ridiculous. APR and SEIBON are two companies that actually took the time to create a wing that will help the car perform; not just look better.
APR Adjustable Wing GTC-200 SEIBON Carbon Fiber Spoiler Buddy Club Racing Spec   

Top 10 Honda Performance Parts List Wheels are alwyas an integral part of any performance parts upgrades and along with the proper suspension setup, will allow the driver to put all that new found power to the street or strip.  Here are some of our favorites for the tuner, European market, and of course, the racing wheels.

SEIBON Volk Racing TE37 PIAA Wheels - Super Mesh Buddy Club - P1 Racing  

We at THMotorsports recently held a Facebook online poll, and you let us know what you think are some of the best tuner parts for a Honda, here were your top 2:
Top 10 Honda Performance Parts List   Yes, engine swaps in Hondas can really make the difference.  Many people think of adding turbos etc...but just a simple engine swap from a larger displacement Honda can do the trick and keep the Honda drivable.  We at THMotorsports art witness to Honda Civic Hatch that has ran a 10.54 1/4 mile without any boost and just a larger displaced engine.

Top 10 Honda Performance Parts List Honda has done their part in providing great cars and great platforms for which to build amazing machines. It is your responsibility to do the job correctly just as Honda would if they were tuning it. All these parts help create a car that is reliable and fun to drive without the hassle. Turn your Honda into the car of your dreams today!
APEXi Electronics - Power FC      


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