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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017
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Mega Reviews! | Megan Racing Coilovers

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Megan Racing Coilover Reviews & Testimony
There's many different things that have been said about Megan Racing Coilovers, so we decided to create our own mega Megan Racing Coilover Review and Testimony by scouring the internet to find out what, you, the people are saying about Megan Racing Coilovers.  We've even thrown in warranty information and some Megan Racing coilover installation instructions  The results are very interesting!  Take a look!

Megan Racing Reviews & Testimony     |     Megan Racing Warranty     |     Megan Racing Installation Instructions

     Megan Racing Coilover Reviews & Testimony

Megan Racing Coilover Review: Nissan MaximaMarch 9th, 2011 - "so finally got to installing my megan racing coilovers... install went nice and smooth...everything fit perfectly and not one thing was wrong... overall ride was amazing...nice and smooth..perfect over bumps...not bouncy at all...i have it set on thre street setting and its perfect... heres a quick pik of the car lowerd...i threw my lip on quick lol...the car since that pik is lowerd a little more...

Megan Racing Coilovers

// Megan Racing Coilover Accessories
* Coilover Damper Knob Extensions Megan Racing dampers have the adjustability of damper setting upon the top of the stock tower mount. Although this is the most convenient location for most cars, on ...
// Megan Racing Coilovers - EZ Street Series
Our most recent addition to our expansive coil-over kit line up, the EZ STREET coil-over line up is aimed towards the more budget oriented enthusiast to offer the most basic essentials from an after-m ...
// Megan Racing Coilovers - Regular (Sleeve Style)
Constructed of 6061 CNC Machined aluminum sleeves and SAE 9254 Cold Wound Steel coil springs, the coil-over system is designed for competition as well as high-performance street use. The higher spring ...
// Megan Racing Coilovers - RS Series
Megan Racing introduces the new SPEC RS Coil Over system. The new SPEC-RS coil over system features 32 Levels of damper force adjustment, rebound and compression, full-height adjustment, these damper ...
// Megan Racing Coilovers - Street Series
Megan Racing Coil-Over Dampers are the ultimate upgrade to your track or street car. Featuring 32 Levels of damper force adjustment, full-height adjustment, these damper kits are then perfectly matche ...
// Megan Racing Coilovers - Track Series
For those who demand the absolute most from their vehicle’s handling and performance, Megan Racing has developed a new series of fully adjustable Coil-Over Damper kits for limited applications. The ne ...

May 28th, 2011 - "Megans ride good for the price. I enjoy them very much."

Nov. 9th, 2010 - "I have had mine on for about 3 months now, they feel good so far!!! def worth the money."

I drove my megan track series coils for a total of 14000 km or 8700 miles. The Right front coil is COMPLETELY blown out. I will never buy another set of these again.
I am not putting these down, they are s great price for what you get. Thats if they last. Some people have only ever said great things about them and some people have had terrible luck.  Its up to you, personally I would go with a higher quality coilover.  Stance seem to make a good coilover.

September 13th, 2011
- "I have had them since april love them worth every penny!! "

June 26th, 2010 - "I find it almost untolerable on really bumpy roads with my Megan track series... becareful what coilover you are picking if comfort/lowering is the biggest factor in you're decision. Just FYI"

May 25th, 2010 - (Megan Racing Track Coilovers) Overall, driven only 35 miles on these, I'm very happy with my purchase. More levels of damper adjustment than the Buddy Club N+, stiffer spring rate than the BC N+(12/16 Megan, 12/15), & (for me) roughly $400 cheaper than the BC N+. I'm not picking on the BC N+, but that's what I was looking at for a long time, before I switched to the Megans. This is a good coilover setup if you want quick, responsive cornering. However, they certainly aren't for you if you like to ride dumped or with a single finger or less gap.

May 28th, 2011 - (Review: Megan Racing Coilovers Street Series) - "Now, they have been on for less than 24 hours, but a good 100+ miles on them already as I drove a bit extra around that night just to get a good feel. As of now, no cabin noises, popping, clunking, squeaking or anything which I am extremely impressed with. I currently have the dampening set at 17 which seems perfect on the moment.

Ride quality is almost stock. Driving up and down the 22, 405 and around the LAX area, I havent had any complaints. Albeit, I am not at my ideal ride height and alignment is not done yet. I have yet to adjust the height and dial in on a setting I would like yet. I plan to lower the car and set the height tonight after work. But for the past 12 or so hours Ive had it, I could not be any more impressed with these coil overs.

So if it required a star rating out of 5, I would give it a 4. I took off a star because 1. i dont know of many suspensions so I cant possibly give it a perfect rating...2. the instructions were horrid and 3. the brake line brackets on the front struts could have been better. other than that, I love everything else."

September 18th, 2011 - "the ride has been great. i have had no problems. i would recommend these to anyone wanting to try something different."

November 29th, 2011 - (Review: Megan Racing Coilovers Street Series)  "I have these coilovers as well they are decent. lots of adjustment you can slam your car with these but after 1 winter my left front coil sized and had to hammer it loose. after these blow i will be getting buddy club coilovers."

January 16th, 2010 - "I am runing megan coil about a year now, rides great & no problem so far"

Josh Toneli(Megan Racing Honda Coilover Review) - "These coilovers came quick and were very easy to install. Although they aren't top of the line, they work exceptionally well for any low budget. I installed them in about 20 minutes for the front and about 30 for the back and after that I noticed the handling was so much better than my previous set of lowering springs. They are a tad soft but they still work pretty darn well. I would definitely recommend these to anybody that has a low budget. Megan racing is still one of my favorite brands!"

Customer X
(Megan Racing Coilover Acura NSX) - "I agree with you...I think the Megan coilovers are an excellent value. They came fully assembled and the quality seemed excellent. It was also nice knowing they carried a warranty - in light of the fact that I replaced my friends Teins with them...because he has at least a 6 week wait for a leaky seal to be repaired ($125). Those coilovers are just over a year old and have maybe 5,000 miles on the set. It seems the spring rates and valving on the Megans are near perfect for the NSX. We also liked the ease of adjustment -for both ride height and dampening. By having the setting knobs already in the shock - it was easy to change settings quickly. We started out on a moderately soft setting and have slowly stiffened them, once we became more familiar with their construction. Again, overall a great value. If you track your car on a consistent basis, you may look at different set-up...but for an aggressive street/track coilover - these are very acceptable.

August 17th, 2008 - Review - (Megan Racing Full Coilovers Acura TSX) - "I was debating between the Tein SS and Megan coilovers for a few weeks and ended up going with the Megans. Price wasn't a factor since both are pretty close in price range but I wanted the better buy. After having installed them, I can say I am extremely satisfied with the choice. Not too many people are running these coilovers and on these forums so I figured I'd write my own review on them for anyone that might be considering them.

The Megan coilovers are made by a company called Bor-Chuann ( This same company makes coilovers for other "name" brands as well. It is said the Apexi N1 ExV are exactly the same coilovers Megan sells, just rebranded. Some of the reasons I decided to go with the Megan's versus the Tein SS:

- Mono-tube design
- Pillow ball upper mount
- Pre-loaded spring
- 32 level rebound adjustment

I was very impressed with the build quality of these coilovers. Installation was straight forward as well as the height and damper adjustment. The recommended rebound settings are 1-8 for track use, 9-16 for mountain/aggressive use, and 17-32 for common street use. I tried out 20 front / 21 rear which was great but I wanted a slightly softer ride so I ended up with 22 front / 23 rear. At this setting, the ride quality is excellent for daily driving but definitely stiffer than my previous suspension (Eibach Pro Kit with stock shocks). Compared to my previous setup, you can definitely feel the road a little more and there is slightly more road noise (which I was expecting). I'm sure I could soften it up to a stock-like ride, but I was aiming for something just a little more aggressive.

At this point I only have about 80 miles on them so this is all initial impressions. The drop is about 1 finger gap all around but I'm assuming they will settle slightly. I will follow-up once I put more miles on them since I'm sure the biggest question is the longevity. Based on what I can see and have heard from other people using these coilovers, I'm not anticipating any issues.

Megan Racing Acura TSX CoiloversJanuary 1st, 2011 - "I saw this TL at the local dealership where I got my type S a month ago....I talked with the owner and he said the megans are awesome even as slammed as he definitely gonna go with these after seeing how low they can go."

     Megan Racing Coilover Warranty

"..Most of our products do however come with a One-Year Manufacturers Warranty that will replace a product that has suffered a manufacturers defect such as cracking. Fatigue and Over tightening are not considered manufacturers defects. Our suspension arms and tie rods do not carry a warranty due to their use. Please keep your receipt if you purchase from us to redeem your warranty. If you purchased from our distributor then you must contact YOUR DISTRIBUTOR to claim your warranty."

      Megan Racing Installation Instructions

CDK: How to set spring pre-load

The first step to setting up your brand new coil-overs!

CDK: How to properly adjust ride height after spring pre-load has been set

The second step to setting up your brand new coil-over kit!

CDK: How to install coil-overs

A general walk-through of a typical fully adjustable coil-over suspension install. Installation instructions are general and a few more steps may be needed for the specific installation process on each individual vehicle application.

CDK: Replacing a Shock

Details on replacing a shock from a coil-over assembly

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