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Tuesday, 02 Sep 2014
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Nissan 370Z: Building a Bullet Proof Engine

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Nissan 370Z: Bullet Proof Engine Build
It will be short notice before Nissan 370Z tuners start making huge power in their 370Z’s, but original components can only handle so much before they pop! Engine building has been an art, a hobby, and a huge industry with plenty of demand. Just like every boy becomes a man, you’ll eventually need to move past bolt on parts and open that sucker up! When it was our first time none of us really knew what we were doing but knew where we wanted to end up. This is an opportunity for the virgin engine builders to have a cheat sheet so you don’t make the embarrassing mistakes that some of the other guys have made which lead them to shame. Its time to take the 370Z to a whole nother level!

The stock 370Z has high expectations and guess what? It delivers! Great handling, teeth on the dashboard braking power, and looks that kill. As the season to track your car is here, there are a few reports that have already came back. Everyone was impressed with the awesome capabilities but, the first problem has arose. About fifteen minutes into hard track driving, the Z started to get hot. The oil temperature got higher and higher which activates the Z’s limp mode which reduces the rev limiter lower and lower in order to prevent the engine from overheating. Once the car is turned off and cooled down the limiter resets itself but this is not something that can be ignored. Nissan states if they put a larger aftermarket oil cooler into the Z it would not be as affordable anymore and NISMO is offering performance oil coolers to solve this issue. It is our responsibility to fix and improve what Nissan intended.

Cooling the Engine

Nissan 370Z Engine Oil Cooler by StillenWhen building a bullet proof engine, high temperatures are a definite no-no. Installing an oil cooler from Stillen can solve this problem and keep your engine a step further from destruction.  This features a larger capacity oil cooler which can cool down the oil at a much faster rate than the small undersized stock oil cooler that the 370Z is equipped. Stillen claims a 30-40 degree Fahrenheit temperature drop. With those kinds of numbers it is easy to assume that any engine will be much better off by installing one of these! Oil coolers keep the engine oil from breaking down which results in better lubrication and longer oil life. Even if you change your oil periodically the extra protection is never a bad idea. Stillen Nissan 370Z Performance Engine Oil Cooler

Honing the Cylinders

Nissan 370Z Engine HoningWith that problem taken care of it is now safe to start inserting the steroids! Any engine builder would agree that it all starts with the block. The block is the center where all the magic happens. Having a strong and thick block will separate the engines that will handle a lot of power from the ones that will crumble in the pits. Honing out the cylinders is where it starts. Making sure that the cylinder walls are as perfect as possible to seal around the pistons is crucial to the engines performance. Engine honing has been practiced for many decades as it is a crucial and tedious process. Make sure your block is honed by a professional who is experienced and trustworthy. The extra time and precision will pay off as we move on through the guide to the strongest engine buildup!

Engine Piston Upgrades

Wiseco Nissan 370Z PistonsWith the cylinders hot and ready it's time to slide in some Wiseco pistons and rings. Wiseco has introduced a set of pistons for the Z and their not your regular walk in the park. They are forged and coated to perfection. The ring package that comes with these pistons is what you need to go hand in hand with your pistons and smooth new honed cylinder walls for that perfect seal. The lightweight design releases more power out of the engine like a lightweight flywheel or crank pulley would. That’s about as win-win as it gets as you drop the weight, increase power, yet remain even more durable than stock? This is definitely a mod that we're doing to be confident our engine is truly indestructible!

Engine Rod Upgrades

Nissan 370Z Eagle RodsNot only are pistons already released but, Eagle has also just released its own set of connecting rods. Remember we are talking about big power and reliability here and can’t afford to cut any corners. Eagle has always been a top seller in rods and for our bullet proof engine this is our best choice. Eagle stands by their products and guarantees durability, light weight, and the satisfaction that you won’t get anywhere else. Like mentioned before the lighter weight frees up more horsepower in our engine that will push us across the finish line first!

Crankshaft Coating & Balance

Now it’s the crankshafts turn to be molded into perfection. Balancing the crankshaft is very important in making big power and holding high rpm levels. Engine builders coat and balance crankshafts to make them sustain durability under hard racing conditions that your 370Z will be going through.

Engine Head Studs & Head Gaskets

Nissan 370Z ARP head studsIf you know the feeling after you find out the prophylactic broke, I’m sure you’ll agree to the importance of keeping it all together. With increased pressure stock bolts and head gaskets are no longerNissan 370 Cosworth head gasket able to handle the extreme conditions. You may not think so but, metal does stretch and that’s what will happen if we don’t upgrade these crucial parts yet overlooked parts. We learned stock head gaskets don’t hold up well to increased pressures which cause seepage that will be a no-no in our bullet proof engine. ARP head studs are the best choice to keep the heads from flying out through the hood. They are very strong and proven against stretching. Cosworth came in for the kill with the improved head gasket. Multi layers and stainless steel has been inserted into them to keep them consistent through different tests and temperatures. As the bolts and gasket work together they will seal up our engine properly to keep it all bullet proof!

Port & Polishing

Nissan 370Z Port & PolishingPorting and polishing sounds like an easy task. How hard can it be? Just enlarge the holes a little bit and then polish them to shine. Wrong. Porting and polishing your heads is not a simple task and if not taken seriously will lead to poor performance. A proper air ratio must be kept balanced to ensure you have the right mid and high end power. Most of the time it’s highly recommended to take your heads to a experienced machinist as you probably don’t have the tools and knowledge to take on this challenge at home. Porting your heads is not exactly cheap, but it does fine tune the engine to where you want it to be. Depending on your driving style and performance needs you can talk to your machinist on how to handle the job.

Engine Tuning

The brains will take you home as with all the work done it is time to teach the computer. Tuning the engine will not only make the engine more powerful but also more reliable and efficient. Without tuning the engine the engine will not know that there are performance parts installed and will just treat them as if they were stock. Even though without a tune you will see performance gains, but if you do tune the computer to the mods you will see even a greater gain as the computer knows how to use the parts to their full potential.

Now that you have the recipe for in destruction it's time to hit the track and start setting records! Building your engine right will result in a high powered race car that will be reliable and you can use over and over again. Stock engine internals are not made to handle high boost or intense conditions. A good engine build will allow you to push the engine harder then ever before. Be one of the first to make an engine like this for the 370Z. Victory is within your reach!

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