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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017
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Turbo XS: Subaru STi Turbo Upgrade Guide

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Subaru STi Turbo XS Turbo Upgrade Guide
Without a doubt upgrading the turbo system on your Subaru WRX STi will definitely turn heads as well as leave yours in the seat. Turbo XS provides just the upgrades you need to give your STI a small boost for the daily drivers, and large numbers for large horsepower track cars. The stock system has many restrictions which means there is a lot of room to make power and performance gains such as: less turbo lag and better response through the whole power band. The competition is hot and it is important to have something that stands out, make sure that when you show up, you have something worth looking at, Turbo XS.

Turbo XS Subaru Blow Off Valve Kits

Turbo XS Subaru STi Blow Off ValvesAlmost everyone

Turbo XS Subaru STi RFL Blow-Off Valve w/ Takeoff
loves to hear the blow off valve whistle between shifts in gears. Having an aftermarket blow off valve on your turbo car is almost a necessity these days. What many people still don’t know is that the blow off valve is not only beneficial because of the whistle it makes. A blow off valve actually saves your turbo life and keeps it spinning in between gear shifts rather than slowing down and having to build up boost again. When a turbo is creating pressure working together with the rising RPM, it peaks at a certain point before you need to let off throttle and change to the next gear. When you close that throttle all that pressure gets stuck and build up in your intake pipe forcing the turbo to slow down and start spinning again when the throttle is open. If there is a blow off valve installed all that pressure will escape through the valve that is opened when the throttle is closed. This allows the turbo to spin freely for the time being that the throttle is closed instead of it being forcefully slowed down. The Turbo XS blow off valve kit for the Subaru WRX STI makes for a great upgrade that does not require a lot of money or time.

Turbo XS Subaru Impreza Exhaust Systems

Turbo XS Subaru STi Exhaust SystemAside

Turbo XS Subaru STi Turbo Back Exhaust
the legendary whistling sound of the blow off valve, the Subaru Impreza WRX STI has another legendary sound to unleash from its exhaust. The STI has an amazing unique sound that no other car makes and it can be made to sound even better with the Turbo XS exhaust. This is another way to kill two birds with one stone as the exhaust not only improves sound, but it also improves the performance. On any turbo car the exhaust is very important as basically the bigger the better. On naturally aspirated cars the biggest exhaust is not the best because there will then be a lack of back pressure. Turbo XS makes the largest downpipe available at 4 inches, that lets the turbo spin a lot more freely and let the engine breath a lot better. Having a larger downpipe enables for better sound and lowers turbo lag as well. Their downpipe also features a welded threaded hole to install a wide band 02 sensor so you don’t have to go and get one custom made. Even further back in the system for those of you who want to have a very free flowing exhaust they have a straight pipe section to replace the catalytic converter. Removing the cat will allow for better flow of the exhaust and some people agree their car can sometimes shoot a flame from the exhaust during gear changes. That’s not all though, the cat back system features a very nice tip that gives that great look and great sound to finish up behind the car. Having a good exhaust in your STI will give you the performance, the sound, and the respect of fellow enthusiasts. Turbo XS features everything you need to let that engine exhale smoother than anything else on the market.

Turbo XS Subaru Intake & Turbo Cooling Systems

Turbo XS Subaru STi Intake & Turbo CoolingNow that the exhaust is well taken care of its time to make sure the intake is well set up and corresponding. The first part of the Turbo XS intake being the performance air filter allows more air flow than the stock air box and looks much sleeker since it has a nice polished pipe that comes with it. Turbo XS made sure that they put the mass air flow sensor mounting point in the right spot unlike other brands that made this mistake and now have misread information being sent to the ECU. Silicone couplers are included to make a nice and strong connection between the pipes to prevent any kind of boost leaks. A turbo creates a lot of heat as it creates boost and hot air is not an ingredient to creating horsepower.
They have created an intercooler that flows very freely and cools even the air coming through it even better. Installing an upgraded intercooler not only makes the look of the car amazing, but allows for much more cooling which creates more power. The stock intercooler is restrictive as it is only made to handle the stock amounts of boost pressure, but when you turn up the boost, problems with flow occur. The Turbo XS intercooler and intake will let the engine breath cool and free flowing air, so get ready for the pull as the turbo starts to spool. Not only is it important to keep the air going to the intake cool, but it is also important to make sure your cooling system has the right parts so the engine does not overheat. Turbo XS has created a radiator shroud that channels air through the radiator rather than have it scatter all over. Driving harder means the engine will get hotter and keeping the temps down are crucial to your engine life. The radiator shroud is very easy to install and looks great. The added safety of mind is totally worth it as the shroud is at a very affordable price. Silicone is becoming more and more popular and Turbo XS has jumped on the wagon as well with their new silicone radiator hoses. These hoses are made of multiple ply design and are guaranteed to outlast the stock hoses by far. Reducing the risk of malfunctions during any time is beneficial as tow trucks and road side assistance is pretty expensive. The hoses look much better and are much safer than stock. Keeping your cooling system safe is important to keep your engine running well and long, make sure you do what you can do make it happen.

Turbo XS Subaru STi Rotated turbo mount kitWe saved the best for last with Turbo XS rotated turbo mount kit. This is said

Turbo XS Subaru STi Turbo Rotated mount kit
to be the best turbo kit for your STI. It enables you to mount some of the largest turbo systems that are out there and let you push around 750 horsepower! It features an up pipe that you can mount a Tial blow off valve, intercooler piping, MAF relocation that allows for better idle and smoother low load driving, a huge front mount intercooler, and the intake system needed. The blow off valve and turbo are sold separately to allow you to choose your own setup for your needs. With this kit you can blow away the competition and then some.

Turbo XS has parts that you need to make the gains in performance and sound. It's time to make your Subaru STI unique with the right parts that will last as the exhaust systems themselves feature a 5 year warranty. They have confidence in their parts as they are tested and proven to turn heads and make the STI move! The unique intake and exhaust systems are specifically made to work with the engine so that optimum power and performance gains are acquired.

SUBARU Impreza Blow Off Valves: Turbo XS

More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Eng Desg. Part #
Turbo XS Blow Off - ValveType H-RFL
Click Here For Price 2008 - 2009 IMPREZA 2.5 GT H4 2.5 EJ255 WS08-RFL
Turbo XS Blowoff Valve - Hybrid BOV
Click Here For Price 2002 - 2005 IMPREZA WRX H4 2.0 EJ205 WS-HYB
Click Here For Price 2004 - 2006 IMPREZA WRX STI H4 2.5 EJ257 WS-HYB
Click Here For Price 2008 - 2009 IMPREZA 2.5 GT H4 2.5 EJ255 WS08-HYB
Click Here For Price 2008 - 2010 IMPREZA WRX
H4 2.5 EJ255 WRX08-HYB

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