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Friday, 22 Aug 2014
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Nissan 370Z Greddy Turbo Kit

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Greddy 370 Turbo KitOne of THMotorsport's and Project X's most popular vehicles has been the Nissan 350Z and 370Z.  Everyone knows that Nissan has never decided to include a turbo version of the 350Z or 370Z, however that has never stopped anyone from their dreams.  And with that, there's options.  Greddy recently introduced their Nissan 370Z turbo kit.

It's time to add an extra 175-500hp to your 370Z. The new GReddy Tuner Turbo Kit for the 370Z came in today! That's a 535hp 370Z! (452whp @ 6.5psi) As seen in the April Issue of Dsport and an upcoming issue of Import Tuner (on the Import Tuner 370Z Project-car)

GReddy 370Z Twin Turbo Tuner Kit - Sneak Peek.
Here is Greddy's Press Release for the Kit.

Easily add an extra +175HP! to a 370Z with the GReddy Intercooled-Twin Turbo TD06SH-20G Tuner Turbo Kit

Introducing the latest addition to GReddy’s line of “Tuner Turbo Kits,” the 370Z Twin-Turbo system boasts an impressive 175 horsepower increase at a mere 6.4psi of boost (That's a 535hp 370Z!). Tuner Turbo Kits come standard with high quality components: twin TD06SH-20G turbocharger, heavy duty cast turbo manifolds, Type-T external wastegates, Airinx intake system, x-large Type-29 R-Spec intercooler, smooth flowing aluminum piping, and a large capacity cast aluminum oil pan. Paired with the optional tuning kit utilizing e-Manage Ultimate, plug-n-play harness, fuel system upgrade, and true dual 70mm Turbo Ti-C exhaust system, it is a fearsome street machine harnessing 452 wheel horsepower and 344lb-ft of torque. With additional engine work and tuning, this tuner kit has the potential of making 850 plus horsepower (over 500hp increase!) just as we were able to achieve on the GReddy Twin Turbo 350Z HR.

370Z Greddy Turbo Kit Purchase


0 Mr.Edwin Lee 2011-08-18 08:25 #1
Dear THM,question is this GReddy Twin Tuner Turbo Kit for 370z California C.A.R.B. street legal ???. The reason I asked is when I looked up GReddy Tuner Turbo Kit 370z C.A.R.B. street legal a couple of sights say new Turbo Kit then in bold lettering it says street legal.I click on site and can`t read anything that says C.A.R.B. street legal. Can someone please help me with this question. I thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Have a good day. Ed Lee ...........xp
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