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Saturday, 23 Sep 2017
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New Scion tC Intake System

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Scion tC AEM cold air intake systemThe Scion tC is one of those vehicles that offers an all around good value. For the money, you’ll get a stylish two-door coupe that is sporty, practical and powered by a 2.4-liter 161-horsepower Toyota engine. To sweeten the deal even more for Scion tC owners, the aftermarket industry supports the Scion platform with a plethora of performance parts.

AEM Performance Induction is right there to supply the 2005-06 Scion tC with a high-quality Cold Air Intake System (part number 21-569P). The new AEM 21-569P intake system is constructed from mandrel-bent high-grade aluminum and topped with a DRYFLOW oil-free synthetic air filter. AEM engineers took this Scion tC air intake system one step further by incorporating the patented Air Bypass Valve into the design. With the addition of the Air Bypass Valve, the 21-569P Cold Air offers the enthusiast an entire package of performance and safety in one.

The 21-569P air intake system is designed to increase the performance of the 2005-06 Scion tC coupe by routing the air inlet tubing to the front of the vehicle. The filter chosen for this application is AEM’s 21-201DK DRYFLOW synthetic air filter. The 21-201DK air filter measures 2.5-inches (64mm) on the flange inside diameter and 5.125-inches (130mm) for the overall height. In addition to performance air filtration, AEM includes the Air Bypass Valve, found before the Mass Air Flow sensor, to virtually eliminate the chance of hydro-locking the engine.

The AEM Scion tC 05-06 cold air intake system is a nice addition piece to your tC engine bay, for those looking to add some extra pick-up. The good people at AEM has put a great deal of attention of detail into their tC cold air intake to unleash power gain of 3.9HP and 2.9 torque. This superior piece of Scion hardware comes in three different styles, blue, red and polished so you can manage the look of your Scion tC under the hood.

For more info, check out AEM Intakes

Scion tC AEM Cold Air Intake System

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