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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017
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Comparison: Exhaust for Nissan 350Z

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350 Z Exhaust Comparison Exhaust systems for the Nissan 350Z range from $500 to $10K, but not one exhaust will do the trick for everyone.  We all want the biggest horspower gains for the lowest price with the best quality.  But the old saying, "You get what you pay for", will never stop being true.  We've gone to great lengths to provide you with a Nissan 350Z performance exhaust comparison that will leave you demistified.

When going over all the numbers it's hard to tell why you'd spend the big bucks versus a little pocket change.  There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself when looking for a new exhaust for a nissan 350Z. 

1.  First, how much money do I have to spend? And do I want to save up more?
2.  What is more important to me? Looks or overall power?
3.  Do I want the stock look or the racer look?

These are some great questions to start asking yourself and will give you a great starting point.

Nissan 350Z Exhaust Comparison

Piping Size & Price

When looking at the chart below there are a few things that really jump out.  Obviously the prices are the first thing, but the second are the piping sizes.  The size of the pipe will normally dictate the flow of your exhaust gases.  The larger the diameter, the better the flow.

Single Exhaust vs Dual
The Nissan 350Z exhaust came from the factory with a dual outlet exhuast that starts out as a single from the exhaust manifold and then goes into the muffler and then has two exhaust outlets, giving it that "dual" look. One thing that you will find is that the "dual" exhaust systems for the 350Z will cost more because your getting twice the amount of exhaust and if you really think about it, your getting twice the amount of weight.  If your using your head, even if you gain 1/2 HP more from the dual, your still gaining the weight.
Single exhausts are considered "JDM" and tend to stand out like a "you know what".  The attract more attention from the police and your girl-friends father.  Neither are good, but to each their own.  If you do decide to do a single exhaust, we recommend a "bumper tuck" seen here.
If you're looking for a cleaner more stock approach, the single exhaust system may not be the way you'd want to go though.  By going with a "true dual" exhaust system you will gain more horsepower and you will then have a "true dual" exhaust, meaning that you no longer have one pipe leading to one muffler with two exhaust outlets.  You will now have a "Y" fitting splitting to two exhaust pipes leading to two mufflers, thus being a "true dual" exhaust.  Of course, when looking below, you will pay more that that too.

Materials & Price
When looking at the chart, you will also see that if you're out to purchase a titanium exhaust system, you need to shell out the money.  The two most useful properties of titanium are corrosion resistance, and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal.
Stainless steel is not as light weight as titanium and costs less, so you will obviously pay less.  When going for power to weight ratio, there's only one choice, titanium.

Brand Description Piping Size Part # Price Link
Agency Power Exhaust - Titanium Titanium Colored Catback Exhaust 3" AP-Z33-170 $765.00  Agency Power Exhaust
ARC  Titanium Axel Back 89mm / 3.5" ATSZ33A03 $2,851.00  Agency Power Exhaust
ARC  Titanium - Cat Back 89mm ATSZ33B03 $3,245.00  Agency Power Exhaust
ARC  Titanium - Cat Back 89mm ATZ33C03 $8,243.15  Agency Power Exhaust
ARC  Titanium - Y Pipe Back 89mm ATSZ33C $11,071.00  Agency Power Exhaust
Borla Cat Back True Dual Type 2.25"-2" 140045 $1,071.23  Agency Power Exhaust
Buddy Club Exhaust - ProSpec Cat Back   BC03-PSEXZ33 $859.14  Agency Power Exhaust
Fast Intentions Catback Intimidator  2.5" n/a $1,485.00  Agency Power Exhaust
Greddy Power Extreme II Racing Exhaust 70-80mm 10123120 $665.00  Agency Power Exhaust
GReddy Exhaust - Racing Ti-C Single NA /Dual Turbo 70mm 10127902 NA / 10127906 turbo 650.75 / $1,106.75  Agency Power Exhaust
GReddy Exhaust - Spectrum Elite Dual 60mm 10127950 $652.50  Agency Power Exhaust
HKS Full Dual Piping w/Titanium Tips 60mm 32009-BN001 $1,596.00  Agency Power Exhaust
Invidia N1 Stainless / Titanium Tip 60mm / 50mm HS02N3ZGTP / HS02N3ZG2T $807.49 / $1,187.49   Agency Power Exhaust
Invidia Q300 Exhaust  Dual 60mm HS02N3ZGT3 $999.99  Agency Power Exhaust
JIC Exhaust Systmes  varies 76.3 - 80mm  n/a $651 - $2618  Agency Power Exhaust
Magnaflow Cat Back 2.5" 15765 $851.39  Agency Power Exhaust
RS*R Ex-Mag GT-2 Exhaust  Dual Mufflers  60mm 10-N402S $838.95  Agency Power Exhaust

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below or give us a call!

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