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Saturday, 23 Sep 2017
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Photogallery: Nissan Silvia | Down Under

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Photogallery: Nissan Silvia S14 SR20DET
The Nissan Silvia is perhaps one of the hottest cars in America to never have been sold in America.  We found this Nissan Silvia virtually unmolested, simple, and beautiful.  We got the short end of the stick with the only difference between the Japanese version and the U.S. version being the engine.  The American Nissan 240SX was give the 2.4L engine vs. the Japanese version 2.0L turbo charged.  Here is this right hand drive Nissan Silvia 2.0L turbo charged with the sr20det Japanese engine.

Photography by Paul @
A word from Paul...
It doesn’t matter how much planning, location scouting and preparation you do, there will always be surprises. That’s what happened with our Holly, Nissan s14 shoot. After weeks of postponing it due to the weather, we finally decide to go a head. We had scouted a large, quiet, car park, with some great graffiti walls as a backdrop. It was the perfect location for a Sunday afternoon shoot. But luck wasn’t on our side and our quiet car park, turned out to be not so quiet after all. We had managed to pick the same day as a local parade was being held. The car park was full and we weren’t going to be able to shoot there. This was a problem that needed solving. While waited for everyone to arrive, our attention turned to our backup plan, Plan B. Fortunately we had been scouting a second location in case of rain. This other place was in an industrial area not to far away from the car park. After having an emergency meeting with everyone, it was agreed that it was the best choice.

After getting somewhat lost on our way to the new location, everyone finally got there. We finally had a chance to get up close and admire our feature car. The owner Mark has done a great job with his s14 Nissan Silvia 200sx (that’s a 240sx for you Americans out there.) He has taken it from a stock car to what you see before you, a very neat and well presented s14 Nissan Silvia 200sx.

As nice as Mark’s wheels are, they aren’t as lovely as our featured model Holly. You wouldn’t know from the pictures, but Holly isn’t a model. She’s actually a Cheerleader/ Dancer and we think she did a great job. Yes Holly and Silvia make a hot duo.

De Croft would like to give a big thanks to our model Holly, for coming out and putting up with the cold. And another big thanks to Mark for providing his lovely s14 for the shoot. Stay tuned for more Wheels & Heels features.

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           Model Holly


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