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Thursday, 21 Aug 2014
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Redline Time Attack: Andrei Tsaran Interview

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THMotorsports Racing Team's Andrei Tsaran Interview
The THMotorsports Racing Team along with driver Andrei Tsaran exited the first 2011 Redline Time Attack event at Willow Springs with some much needed confidence and experience.  With the next Redline Time Attack event on horizon, did the THMotorsports team really find the winning combination to place them on the podium?  We sat down and interviewed THMotorsport's pilot, Andrei Tsaran to pick his brain.
After a dissapointing showing at the Redline Time Attack events in 2010, the THMotorsports STi ran very well at Willow Springs, yet did not place in the top 3.
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THMotorsports' Andrei Tsaran interviewed by Versus

Q: What were some of the changes made to the car after the 2010 racing season?
A:  A lot of attention was put into shedding weight. The doors were gutted and Lexan was installed for the rear door windows. We took out any ventilation related objects including the heater core and fan. A lot of wiring was redone to clean up the car. Body work was changed with a lower splitter and widebody over-fenders in the rear. The cage was reinforced and along with Nascar style doorbars were added.

Q: What were your expectations going into the first competition of the year?

A:  We were going into the first event with the expectation that it will be a testing session and to see what the competition would be like. The car was never tested on the Hoosier tires we plan to run this year, so a lot of changes needed to be made for the car to use them to their full potential.

Q: What needs to happen to improve going into the next competition?
A:  Better suspension setup, more power, aero modifications, more power, better tire management, and more power. We were clearly the least powerful car in the lineup.

Q: What did you learn as a driver that you can take with you into the next competition?
A: Every event that I run, I learn a lot. I wish I can put it on paper, but it hard to write it out. Every braking point, every corner, every runoff during the last event will come with me to the next. I'm always learning and have a long way to go to match up to the skill and experience of my competitors in this series.

Q: What is your prediction for the next competition?
A: Apparently, the next track is small and tight aside from the dragstrip portion. Hopefully this will favor the awd light cars like the THMotorsports Sti and Works Evo. If anything, we will put a fight like last time.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to say or be known?
A: We have a great partnership this year with Paladin Advanced Automotive doing the wrenching and Adam from DBtuned tuning the car. I think everything is coming together for a great season. Also, I'm excited to represent i2y and kick some butt for those guys.

We wish Andrei Tsaran and the THMotorports Racing team luck in the next Redline event on April 9th & 10th in Arizona!

Circuit Battles Sizzle from Redline Track Events on Vimeo.

Redline Time Attack 2011: Willow Springs Photogallery

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