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Wednesday, 20 Aug 2014
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THMotorsports Racing at Blackhawk Farms Raceway

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THMotorsports Redline Time Attack Car at Blackhawk Farms RacewayThis past weekend the THM crew ventured out to Blackhawk Farms Raceway with the Salt Creek Sports Car Club and the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs for a high speed auto cross. Generally, when the average racer hears “auto cross” they associate it with racing around cones in a parking lot. Truth be told, high speed auto crosses are more similar to full fledged track day. You are timed for one full lap, beginning from a dead stop; pretty cool if you ask me. The competition was rather fierce, as was the weather.


Upon arrival at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in South Beloit, Il, the team encountered a generous amount of rain. This put quite a damper on all the morning sessions, luckily enough, they were only practice. A few warm up laps showed the true colors of the Toyo R888 tires in wet conditions. While traction was ample in the straights, it suffered severely in the turns. By the time the afternoon rolled around, the track had completely dried creating more favorable conditions for all competitors.

Many of the issues plaguing the crew at the last track day were ironed out including the ECU problems and the mushy brake pedal. It seemed as though the car was finally near 100%! To this day, the drivers of the car still comment on how crisp the handling is, much thanks to the Stance 3 Way Coilovers and the Toyo R888’s. As well, the car was only running the pump gas map, though still proved to be a worthy competitor on the track. The driver, Andrei Tsaran, commented that “the car could use a bit more power, as we have not found the limits yet. Aero also needs to be developed, but the new diffuser seems to be doing a great job in the rear.”

As with any race car, and fine wine, it only gets better over time. It seems as though we have a winning combination, overall, and just needs to be dialed in to be in the top of the class. Out of the 108 entrants, the THMotorsports came home with 4th place. A few more trips to the track, and some power tweaks, we should see this car skyrocket to the top. I'll let the video do the rest of the talking…


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