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Thursday, 28 Aug 2014
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Top 10: Ugliest Car Gadgets & Modifications

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Dumb & Delirious: Top 10 Uglies Car Gadgets and Mods
We as Americans (especially us men) have filled our lives with meaningless things all intertwined to please our senses or moreover women's senses.  So, having said that, wether you agree or not, there's some "performance" parts or gadgets that have no part in pleasing any sense, except for the manufacturers pockets.  If you think you saw it in a movie, dub magazine or heard it in a rap song, you've probably seen it on a car.  These are the Top 10 stupidest gadgets to have ever made or glued themselves onto our cars.
Ford Focus Lambo Doors are Ugly!1.  Lambo Doors.  Yes, they still make them and you still buy them.  I can't actually imagine placing Lambo doors on a Ford Focus, rolling up to a hot Chicago club to valet my car with a line of hot women waiting in line out front of their favorite club and actually have them see me throw those Lambo doors up and glide out like a White Castle slider.  I'd think I'd have to be out of my mind, yet there's people that still "rock" the Lambo doors.

Fake Fender Air Vents are Ugly!2.  Fender Air Vents / Port Holes.  Ok, so I know these were a styling mainstay in old cars like Buicks and Caddies and they've recently been revived current car designs.  So now everyone wants them on their car.  I have been driving down the Dan Ryan Express way, looked to my left and saw a Geo Storm Convertible with a spoiler(Fast & Furious) and fender air vents.  Yeah, he had so much power in that bad boy that required more rear down force at higher speeds and probably needed to vent some of that hot air coming off the engine.  There was only one problem, the air vents were glued on the driver and passenger doors. Yeah, I need to gag now.

Ugly Spoiler on Geo Storm3.  Spoilers.  Yes, there are cars out there that do have enough power that require more rear down force, but what about the idiots that put their spoilers on backwards?  I guess their going for more "lift", which is by most part designated for airplanes.  Now if their car isn't flying once these spoilers are placed on backwards, they certainly don't have enough power to need them placed on their cars the correct way!  Now, to add insult to injury...the double spoiler or even a backwards spoiler on the hood of a car! Someone hand me a baseball bat, please!?

Extra Car Camber is Ugly!4.  Extra Camber.  So, you just bought some nice 19 or 20 inch rims.  The rims alone probably cost more than the car... you know who you are.  Next thing you wanna do is slam that puppy and add some camber, cause riding in the back of the bus as a kid was always fun when you went over bumps.  The rubber on your rims is nearly paper thin cause you know that the less rubber on the rims means the lower she'll go.  One thing these guys forget to think about is the outside of those rims being beat to a bloody pulp when they curb those rims.  And think about the inside tire wear!

Cheap Kit Cars5.  Cheap Kit Cars.  Ok, so Fieros were kinda cool, in some peoples book, at one time.  They gained the reputation as a fire hazard that would incinerate it's occupants.  It was a good concept as a car with it being a low priced mid-engine car, but, please-oh-please why do people try to make these cars into something they just aren't.  There's probably a hundred kit cars out there that turn this nasty Pontiac Fiero into a Lamoborghini, Ferrari, GTO... The fact is that "it is what it is" and it's just down right nasty when it's not.  Whoever thought they could glue a Lamborghini badge on a Fiero needs to have their head examined.  I know we're all dreamers, but why cut corners on a car you dream of owning?

Ugly Neon Under lights6.  Neon Lights.  Yes, thank you Fast and the Furious!  Nothing says, "I'm here" like neon under lights.

Ugly Fake Hood Scoop7.  Fake Hood Scoops.   There's not much being sucked in with fake hood scoops, just alot of sucking.  If anything, these are just providing a little extra drag.  But hey all hood scoops suck one way or the other.

Fake Ford GTR emblem8.  Stickers.  I have seen a Ford Mustang V6 with a Nissan GTR emblem plopped on the back of it.  Why? I guess it gives it some sort of street cred?  I just love when  you seen a car with hubcaps, yet it has some sort of racing rim & Nitto stickers plastered on it.

Ugly Painted Car Interior9.  Painted interiors.  It was so "cool" to pimp out your interior by painting all the trim ventings and what not.....NOT!  Talk about an eye sore, and besides who's going to buy your car after you've painted the inside some silly colors?

Fake Shift Light & Tachometer10.  Shift Lights & Tachometer.  This is probably one of the best upgrades anyone with no power in their car could make.  Most people don't know when to shift their cars without one of these, right? Intimidation speaks louder than words!

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