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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017
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Dumb and Delirious: Ugly Chicago Cars Leash Out

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Dumb & Delirious | Racing Geo Metro
Dumb and Delirious makes it's triumphant return to the Chicago scene with these ugly cars that are going nowhere fast with there weight increasing mods and un-aerodynamic uplifting body mods.  Take a look, you will never feel more satisfied while being disapointed by these automotive conundrums!

Ugly Cars: Karma Slaps Back

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Karma Slaps Back
We at THMotorsports received this email, which had us rolling on the floor!
Dear THM,
I’m a huge fan of your “Dumb & Delirious section and have sent you many of my own photos that you’ve published on the site. But I’ve had my own D&D experience, here’s my story:   The saying, "What comes around, goes around." always holds true and man-oh-man, why did it have to come true through the pages of Dumb &Delirious? The story is a classic, but of course the car involved is a little less than classic.

Top 10: Ugliest Car Gadgets & Modifications

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Dumb & Delirious: Top 10 Uglies Car Gadgets and Mods
We as Americans (especially us men) have filled our lives with meaningless things all intertwined to please our senses or moreover women's senses.  So, having said that, wether you agree or not, there's some "performance" parts or gadgets that have no part in pleasing any sense, except for the manufacturers pockets.  If you think you saw it in a movie, dub magazine or heard it in a rap song, you've probably seen it on a car.  These are the Top 10 stupidest gadgets to have ever made or glued themselves onto our cars.

Real Images - Real Ugly Cars

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Dumb and Delirious: Real Images of Real Ugly CarsChicago is known for lots of things, deep dish pizza, Maxwell Street hot dogs, the Cubbies, the goat, and now ugly cars. Yes, we have some real ugly cars.  There's alot of variables that go into it: road construction, harsh winters, crazy driving and last but not the least, rice boy wanna be's.

I hate to break it to these guys, but "Pimp My Ride" ain't showing up at your house.

Screw With Subaru Forum Members, Go To Jail [Car Crime]

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A scam artist screwed with the wrong forum. After paying for parts they didn't receive, members of the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club collected evidence on the guilty party, managed to discover his real identity, then alerted police. The sting was lead by NASIOC member Team Scream, who collected evidence from several victims, traced the...
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