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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017
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Ferrari Unveils Extreme FXX K!

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It’ll cost you in excess of a million dollars (not that you’ll ever find one sitting on you local dealer’s lot) it isn’t street legal—and it’s not designed for racing in any series that we’ve ever heard of—but this is one Ferrari that you simply have to have.
Set to be officially unveiled later this year in Abu Dhabi, the 1,036HP Ferrari FXX K supercar is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. As you gaze longingly at this beast one of the first things you’ll notice is the front and rear carbon-fiber splitters, spoilers, and a split rear wing that immediately brings to mind the most bada$$ fighter jets.

All of the wicked modifications on this car result in a 50 percent improvement in downforce in the low-drag configuration for long straights and a 30 percent improvement in the more aggressive downforce configuration…which translates into a car that sticks hard (really hard!) in the corners.
Heck, even the tires utilize extreme tech features including sensors that monitor longitudinal, lateral and radial acceleration (as well as temperature and pressure) that is fed to the traction control system, according to the car maker.
The car is powered by a mere 848 HP V12 engine that is assisted by an electric motor. The unique hybrid system delivers maximum torque in excess of 663 lb. ft. The engine boasts new camshafts and a modified valve train that utilizes mechanical, rather than hydraulic, tappets and redesigned and polished intake manifolds.
The car’s nonexistent exhaust system is completely “uncorked,” meaning there are no mufflers, reducing engine back pressure and delivering a classic Ferrari scream as the car tears down the track.

Ferrari isn't revealing any other performance statistics, but it's safe to say that a car that is not restricted by road car regulations or by race car rules either is virtually guaranteed to a faster 0-100km/h time than the LaFerrari's (under 3 seconds) and should zip past its 217mph top speed, as well.
If you like the sound of the FXX K you'll need to be chosen for Ferrari's driver development program which means you'll need to already have the standard LaFerrari in your garage in order to be considered.

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