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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017
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Man Smashes Tightest Parallel Parking Record

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Have you ever passed up a perfectly good parking spot on the curb because it looks like too tight of a fit?
Well, guess what, if you had mad parking skills like the guy in the video below, you’d probably go ahead and squeeze your car into the spot anyway.
A Chinese stunt driver has smashed the Guinness World Record for performing the tightest parallel parking job…ever!
In fact, Han Yue, drifted a Mini 3-door hatchback into a parking space with a mere 3.15 inches to spare.
Yue’s parking feat narrowly breaks a record set by England’s Alastair Moffatt in 2013. Moffatt had left a gap of 8.6 centimeters (3.4 inches) and his record, at the time, was said by many to be unbeatable.
As if the great parking job wasn’t enough, Yue set a second world record the same day during a recent event at Chongquing Olympic Park. His second record was for the most donuts driven around a car driving on two wheels in a single minute. For this feat, he teamed with stunt driver Zhang Sengjun, who drove a BMW M4 coupe in 10 circles around Han’s Mini while it was up on two wheels.

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