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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017
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Watch a Nissan-GT-R Whip 3 Lambos

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By now you’ve probably heard of the 2,000 hp Alpha Omega GT-R and it’s “tiny” 3.8 liter V6. However, have you ever considered how this car would stack up against a turbo-powered Lamborghini in an underground racing event?
Well, wonder no more. The GT-R piloted by Ivan Phipps clearly held-its-own against the Italian power-houses and earned the title “Lambo Killer” recently at the King of the Streets Texas Invitational.
The powerful GT-R took down some of the nation’s fastest cars in the "street car / street" roll racing world as it climbed the brackets of the 42 car race including 2000 hp Heffner & UGR Twin Turbo Lambo's, 1500-1600 hp Twin Turbo Vipers and an 1100 hp Supra!
So, hold on to your seat and watch the video below.


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