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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017
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Zenvo ST-1 50S | 1250 hp Danish Delight Lands in the U.S.

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Denmark's Zenvo ST-1 / U.S. version: 50S
The Zenvo ST-1 has quietly landed on U.S. shores.  Despite the Denmark being one of the most peaceful countries in the world, allowing this beast to prowl our shores will do nothing but bring civil unrest.  Thank you Zenvo.  Will you be seeing it on every street corner, highly doubtful as only three will make their way to our shores yearly.  But none the less, it is here, it is fierce and will 1,100bhp, it has a supercar future that may become the Dutch's new bread and butter.  Here it is, in all it's Danish glory, the Zenvo ST-1
The co-founders of the Zenvo ST-1 Jesper Jensen, Troels Vollertsen and Lasse Stenkilde set out to build a car that would make an impact on the supercar world, but they never knew that the Zenvo ST-1 would reach these heights. Vollertsen is the engineering brains of the operation, a motorsport specialist with a track record in saloon car racing, rallying and rallycross. He's also a tuner with a strong reputation and client base in the Middle East. Jensen is an IT genius and entrepreneur, who sold his company at the right time and made some money. Vollertsen had already squeezed 640bhp from Jensen's AMG Merc CLS 55, and went to work persuading him to collaborate on his dream of building a sports car.

Vollersten told Top Gear, "I said to Jesper, ‘You've sold your company, so why not do something funny like build your own car?' He replied, ‘Come on, we'll never be able to do that.' Pagani and Koenigsegg have done it, I told him, so why not? Though we never thought we'd end up in this league when we started out..."


From Denmark comes speed, power and sexy, lots of sexy.
Due to the huge success of the ST-1, Zenvo has worked with Red Sea Distribution (Exclusive North American Distributor of Zenvo) to create a the Zenvo ST-1 50S.


15.12.2009 – The 10th Dubai International Motor Show
Zenvo ST1 will be displayed at Dubai Motor Show. This will be the premiere for the Middle East region. Please visit hall 4, stand 400

23.10.2009 – Millionaire Fair Moscow 2009
Zenvo ST1 will be at the Moscow millionaire fair. The fair is from the 23nd of October until 25th of October 2009.

13.06.2009 – World premiere Le Mans debut
The Zenvo ST1 was nominated “super car of the year” at Le mans 2009. Photos are available in the gallery.

12.06.2009 – World premiere Le Mans debut Today the Zenvo ST1 was presented for the first time at the drivers parade at Le Mans. Photos are available in the gallery.

16.12.2008 – Pictures revealed
The first pictures of the Zenvo ST1 was revealed today.

06.10.2008 – Performance
Today we started to do some performance testing. Please keep in mind that this was the first performance test. We did 0-100 km/h in 3,2 sec and are very close to our goal of 3,0 sec. We did 0-200 km/h in 8,9 sec. For a first test this was acceptable.

22.05.2008 – First real test drive
The first test drive of the prototype was made and everything ran better than expected.

01.03.2008 - Dyno
The prototype is running for the first time on the Dyno. A lot of hours of optimization and testing is waiting ahead.

14.02.2008 - Design
The design of the prototype is finally approved.

01.07.2007 - Founding of Nordic Sports Car A/S
Nordic Sports Car A/S was founded.

01.08.2006 - Design
The design strategy was made and the first rough sketches were made.

01.06.2006 - Concept
The idea and concept behind the prototype was developed and the final decision about starting building the Zenvo car was made.

Zenvo ST-1 / 50S
The ST-1 50S is limited to just 3 cars.

The 3 ST-1 50S’s will be available exclusively through Red Sea Distribution. They will be only these 3 offered ever in this specification.

• 3 ST-1 50S available in the following colors: Intense Red,  Crystal White and  Mediterranean Blue.
• Individually numbered vehicles with Special Edition Plaque signed by the engineers and owners.
• Special individual Monogrammed seats
• Power increased to 1250hp and 1500nm Torque
• Standard F1 7 speed transmission
• Magnesium Wheels
• Supplied with exclusive complimentary Swiss made ASPEN Zenvo watch worth $49,000.00.

All warranty/service work will be carried out by Zenvo’s concierge service, who will fly to the owner’s location anywhere in the world. So even with such limited numbers clients have no need to worry about having the vehicle taken care of. Onboard diagnostic allow the factory to check the care remotely, reset systems and even upload new engine and transmission software.

ST-1 50S:  United States Version |  Price: 1.8 million USD

1250 hp


1500 nm

Top Speed:

233 mph (electronically limited)

Acceleration 0-62:

Under 3.0 Sec.

ST-1:  Denmark Version

1104 hp


1430 nm

Top Speed:

233 mph (electronically limited)

Acceleration 0-62:

3.0 Sec.

The engine's owes some thanks to the Corvette. Being a 16 valve, 7.0-litre V8, similar to the Corvette ZO6. Zenvo's claims to have designed its own power unit. "GM does a thing called an LSX block," Vollertsen says, "but it's steel so it was too heavy. We took its dimensions and did our own aluminium version. It has bigger oil channels, and dry sump lubrication. The crank, rods, forged pistons, flywheel are all our own design. So really, it's our own engine."

The Zenvo ST-1 is supercharged and turbocharged! It's using the familiar screw-type Eaton supercharger and exhaust gas-driven Garrett turbocharger. The supercharger improves the engine's flexibility lowdown, though it runs at 0.4 bar continuously. The turbo keeps things kicking at the top end, running boost pressure at 1.4 bar in maximum attack mode. All of which makes for an impressively linear torque curve. Oh, and an earth-moving 1,053lb ft of the stuff at 4,500rpm. And 1100bhp at 6,900rpm.  The Zenvo ST-1 boasts three driving modes: Wet, Sport and Race, which dishes out power by altering boost and exhaust mapping. Everyday driving mode is set at 650bhp with race mode set at 1,1100bhp.

The Zenvo ST-1 and 50S have made some real waves in the supercar world.  With it's blistering 1,100bhp, the Zenvo ST-1 will surely have a mainstay in the supercar world for years to come!


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