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Saturday, 30 Aug 2014
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Who Owns Who? Car Maker Conundrum

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What car maker owns who?
A few months ago I found myself behind the wheel of a VW Routan ( van ) as a rental car.  I was pleased to see that VW had finally built a van.  But the more I drove it, the sicker I got.  You see, I was once the owner of a 2000 VW Jetta GLX VR6, so I'm very keen on VW styling, engineering and manurism cues.  After driving the VW Routan for a day, I was unpleasantly met with a broken AC and the auto doors just didn't work right.  I had stopped at a gas station and popped the hood, and that's when I felt like I had been kicked by a mule between the legs.

I stood infront of that VW Routan shaking my head.  Why ,in God's name, would VW ever place a Chrysler engine in their car?  I was livid!  But it got worse, as I started my investigation, I learned that VW had actually just slapped their VW logo and a few different styling cues on a Chrysler mini van, yuck! Utterly disgusting.  If you like Chrysler vans, I'm sorry....that you do.

All of this got me wondering what was going on in the auto manufacturing industry?  That's when I found this simple chart in that explained everything!

It describes what car manufacture owns what car manufacturer.  And by just looking at this diagram has my head spinning!  I'm now convinced that every one owns each other somehow, or they're all inbred in some sick way.  If things continue to go the way they are, you'll someday drive off the lot of a Bently dealership with your nice, shiny, new Suzuki disquised as a Bently on the outside... or maybe a Kia disguised as a Land Rover.

I'm feeling sick.

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