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Saturday, 23 Aug 2014
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THMotorsports as Seen in PASmagazine

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We were notified that we had "graced" the pages of PASmagazine as of August 24th, 2010. So, we've decided to give a "holla back" to our friends at PAS. Here's what they had to say:


TH Motorsports is well knows for their parts and accessores sales as well as campaigning a Subaru STi in Time Attack. What tuners might not know is that they also hold meets for their valued customers at their Glenview, IL facility. All kinds of cars come out from Civics to Supras and everythgin in between. Check out 2010's meet and the eye candy that showed more

G-Power M5 Hurricane RR becomes world's fastest sedan at 372 km/h

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New Factory Five Racing GTM: Gen 2

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Factory Five Racing GTM: 2nd Gen
I often looked at kit-cars and thought they'd be fun to build and definately get alot of looks, but they just weren't up to par when it came to quality. No one really wants to drive around in a Pontiac Fiero with a stretched frame and Lambourghini emblems; it's like buying a fake Rolex, garbage. But there's something special about building your own dream, and there's definately something special about the Factory Five Racing GTM. The guys at Factory Five Racing have taken the FFR GTM to the next level with their 2nd Generation GTM. The GTM has already created quite a stir in the kit car world since 2004, and is sure to create an even larger following with it's 2nd Generation edition. The car with supercar design, looks and handling without the supercar price has been renewed. But, is there anything that FFR could actually do to make their GTM better?

1000mph Bloodhound SSC full size show car world debut

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Get the full details of the Bloodhound SSC, and see the first pics of the car slated to top 1,000 mph. The story inside.
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DSport Magazine - Featured Article - "Function Plus" Balance from a Turbo 350Z

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Dsport Magazine Feature Article: 350Z Chicago

Perfection. Every tuner strides for it, only the diligent succeed. Aiming for the perfect balance in a street ride requires time, money and patience. But the reward for achieving perfection is breathtaking and satisfying. For industrial-design graduate Larry Kenney, this attention to function and detail became an obsession.


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