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Sunday, 13 Jul 2014
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Alan Wilzig: Robin Hood Rally

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2010 Robin Hood Rally: Team Wilzig
At THMotorsports, our desire for racing engulfs many different types of the sport. Anything from drag, road, auto-cross and even rally. THMotorsports recently teamed up with Alan Wilzig of Wilzig racing as he participates in the 2010 Robin Hood Rally (RHR). Essentially, the RHR, is a cross country rally event comprised of several teams (predominately amateur) all whom have one goal: come in first place. The racing takes place all over small town America, on anything from paved roads to dirt tracks. The Robin Hood Rally will be televised on the Versus Network this coming October. It will be aired in 10 hourly segments. Keep an eye out for Team Wilzig and THMotorsports!

Toyota's chief test driver dies behind wheel of LFA in Germany

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We don't have much in the way of details yet, but according to a report out of Germany, Toyota's chief test driver has died in a crash on highway 410 near the Nurburgring after veering into the oncoming lane and colliding with two others test drivers driving a BMW.

Porsche GT3 RS Ferdinand Bicycle: Engineer Gone Mad?

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Porsche GT3 RS Ferdinand: BicycleThe 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, basically a race car gone street legal, could be bit hard to get your hands on, with the $150,000 price tag and all. But when you really want one and you find yourself with too much time and colored paper on your hands, you can apply a little bit of them home engineering skills and build your own almost functional model. It may look like it’s made of pancake dough and it certainly doesn’t drive very well on a rainy day, but it’ll still get some ladies to turn their heads and check it out, mostly because they’re easy to fool.

Do You Hate Tool Booths? Pay No More!

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This Dallas Tollway video image is of a drunk driver "attempting" to avoid a toll. Tolls can be a little bit pesky at times. I am going to have to say that this man received a toll violation. No one is "above paying tolls"

This footage was taken at the Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport on Tuesday. Both the toll booth operator and the driver escaped without serious injury.

Maxximus G-Force based on Ultima GTR 720 is World's Fastest Street-Legal Car

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Two Indiana men claim to have built the fastest street-legal car in the world.
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