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Tuesday, 02 Sep 2014
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How To | Be "Hella Flush"

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How To: Be Hella Flush | 300ZX
“Hella Flush”, what exactly is it? Some lament it and some attempt to prevent it. No matter what you think, many people are doing it. How can you do it? We show you how!

Driving on your sidewalls instead of on the tires thread area is growing in popularity. It was popular in the Euro Tuner cars, but now everyone’s doing it! The idea is to get your car as low as possible but, at the same time, somehow be able to fit the wheels in the wheel wells. You can pull this off by using wheel spacers, coilover suspensions, certain wheels and tires, adjustable control arms, and a few other tricks. The end result should be a very low car with wheels up to the quarter panels and, at the same time, having just the right offset to create the sexy “Stance”. Don’t get too ahead of yourself though! As with anything, there are horror stories that will make your car look bad and drive terribly. Before you get started, first see if this is the right setup you want to have.
Hella Flush Subaru: Before & After

Take a look at the stock Subaru. It’s a good looking car, no questions asked, but that big gap in the wheel and fender has to go! Not only does it sit like a monster truck, but the wheels are tucked in. This makes the car look narrow, which does not give it a strong and confident stance. Now, check out the modified Subaru. What a difference! You notice right away the drop, the nice wheels accenting the car. The wheel offset and the flush fitting of the wheel with the body of the car gives it that wide look. This kind of setting will turn heads and you’ll notice double takes left and right.

     How Not To | Be "Hella Flush"

But, like I said earlier, there are horror stories and some like to take things to the limit.  These are just ugly.
Hella Flush: Ugly Horror Stories

Most wouldn’t believe that’s even possible until they’ve seen it for themselves! Camber- Negative, Zero, PositiveIf you think this is cool, by all means, it’s a free country, but be warned though! Driving with that much camber means the weight of the whole car is resting on the edge and sidewall of the tire. This means you will have terrible traction, bad launching, and will be broke! I say broke because you will burn through tires within just a couple of months, since wires will be sticking out of the one edge area you are driving on. Those are no stock rims either. You will need a wide tire to wrap that thing with so be prepared to spend around $1,000 just on tires every couple of months (if not sooner)!

     How To | Be "Hella Flush" & What You'll Need

KW Suspension Coilover Variant 3That’s enough teasing and warnings. On to the good stuff! The first thing you’ll need is a good drop and the one thing that will give you that is a coilover suspension setup. KW Suspension coilovers will deliver that and then some. These fully adjustable coilovers will go all the way down to the ground if you wanted them to!  In addition to them enabling you to go "Hella Flush", they are also known for being the most comfortable suspension setups on the market. The great thing is they make them for so many different cars that they will most likely have something for you!   KW Suspensions Coilover Variant 3

After you make any significant drop, the camber also significantly changes on the negative side. Negative meaning the top of the wheel will be leaning towards the car. Some cars will seem to have more negative camber than others, but that’s not a problem for long because there is a pretty simple way to solve this. Many companies out there make adjustable control arms that will correct the camber and set it to what you want it to be. The nice thing is that you get rid of the stock control arm with bushings and replace it with an adjustable one with solid bushings. This also allows you to stiffen things up while you’re at it. As there are thousands of different adjustable control arms out there for different kind of cars, here are a few examples of some of the most popular.
// Hotchkis Trailing Arm
Improve the traction and handling of car with the Hotchkis Double Adjustable Upper Trailing Arms. These exceptionally durable control arms allow for easy pinion angle adjustment for reduced vibration ...
// Hotchkis X-Tend Suspension System
The Hotchkis X-Tend rear suspension package moves the axle back on your vehicle allowing for better looks and more wheel tire options. Drive shaft modifications are not necessary and installation is a ...
// SPC Alignment Components - Camber Kit
Now it is possible to adjust the your camber with a full range of camber kits. These kits will provide positive or negative change for camber and/or caster and/or toe. To install, simply remove the OE ...
// SPC Alignment Components - Control Arm
*ADJUSTABLE CONTROL ARMS* These fully adjustable Upper Control Arms transform your classic Mopar from sluggish, non-responsive handling to high performance FUN! Dial in additional positive caster, ad ...
// SPC Specialty Tools - Camber and Caster Tools
*1-1/8” PUNCH* This tool is used to cut holes necessary to install our 83115 camber kits. A must to ensure a good, round hole. *DODGE CAMBER TOOL* This wrench is specifically designed to access ...
// Stance Suspension Links
*Rear Upper Control Arms* Rear Upper Camber Arms are an ideal suspension modification after lowering any 240SX. The RUCA will allow for proper rear camber adjustment and aid in maximizing handling an ...
// STILLEN Adjustable Upper Control Arms
Necessary to adjust camber on cars that have been lowered or are competition driven, the STILLEN built Adjustable Upper Arms allow you plus or minus 3 degrees of precise adjustment. The unique rack ...

Stillen Adjustable Control ArmThere are ones like this where you simply twist the sleeve and the tract or retract.
Adjustable Control Arm

Pillow Ball Mounts by KsportThere are pillow ball mounts that allow you to move the shock itself at an angle creating camber adjustments.
Pillow Ball Mounts

Hotchkis Alignment CamsThere are eccentric bolts like these that make adjustment to the camber. By turning the bolt, the off centered washer will either push away or pull towards the control arm.
Pillow Ball Mounts

Eibach Pro SpacerA lot of wheels out there come with a choice of offset for you to choose from. Even with that, sometimes more is needed depending on what you’re trying to do. Wheel spacers come to your rescue and offer many different offsets that you can put on top of whatever the wheels offset is. What the kit includes is longer studs and hub centric disks with a thickness of your choice that are installed between the brake disk and the wheel itself. This way you can push the wheel out and make that wide footstep that is mandatory for having a good stance.

H&R Racing TRAK Spacers / Mercedes & VolkswagenIt is important to use a wheel spacer kit like one of these for a couple of reasons. The actual hub is centered so you won’t have balance or vibration issues. The material is strong so you don’t have to worry about losing a wheel! The quality is as precise as you need it.

Wheels are completely up to you, but one thing is for sure, stock has to go! There is no good looking stance with stock wheels. There are thousands of options out there, here are a few.

Now that you know how to do it and how to do it right, get in the garage and start wrenching at it!  If you have questions about this article, leave a comment below or simply call us @ 1.800.959.0145


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