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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017
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Employee Ride Spotlight: Eric DeWitt's 498whp | 95 Subaru Impreza

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THMotorsports Employee Ride Spotlight | Dewitt's 498whp Subaru

Eric "Dewey" DeWitt has built the ultimate 498whp Subaru track beast and he also just so happens to be a THMotorsports employee.  His love affair with Subies goes back 15 years and since then he's become one of most knowledgeable Subaru experts in the Midwest.  We love his 498whp 95 Subaru Impreza L and have listed all the parts he carefully placed on the Subie for you to follow Dewey's lead.  Check it out!

Subaru Impreza L | 1995

Subaru Impreza L | 1995 -- 498whp



Name:  Eric "Dewey" DeWitt

Origin:  Ravenna, MI (currently live in Huntley, IL)

Origin (my basic "car history"):  I wasn't really a car guy growing up at all. My family still doesn't understand it honestly. I liked racing but I just seemed like something so insane/foreign to me in High School that I focused on Track and Cross Country to get my racing kicks.

In 01 Subaru released the WRX. I ate Ramen 6 days a week to afford it and I don't regret the decision to this day. When I moved back to the midwest I went to work for a Subaru shop and then helped start another one. 15 years after this "car bug" bit me hard, I'm still having a great time. Nothing warms my heart more than putting bus lengths on an unsuspecting Corvette owner in my 90's AWD econobox :)

First Car:  85 Mercury Topaz (AKA Blue Thunder)

Current Car:  95 Subaru Impreza L w/04 STi drivetrain swap(AKA the Warthog) currently making 498whp (She's ugly but ask Jon, she's plenty fast)

Favorite Mod: Fortune Auto 500's with the radial bearings. It's like having your cake and eating it too! They are a killer performance coilover that ride great too! The price was right too! They honestly ride better than any spring and strut combo I've ever tried! Type of racing preferred: Road Course, Drag (on and off the track ;) ), Rally, and Rallycross

Area of expertise:  Everything Subaru (Including BRZ and FRS), S2000, Focus ST, Mini, Miata, VW
Eric DeWitt | 1995 Subaru Impreza L -- 498whp
Eric DeWitt | 1995 Subaru Impreza L -- 498whp
Eric DeWitt | 1995 Subaru Impreza L -- 498whp

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