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Wednesday, 20 Aug 2014
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Nissan 240SX: Clean Sweep

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Nissan 240SX: Clean Sweep
Anyone that I've ever known to have owned a Nissan 240SX in their life do one of two things, they wish to have their car back or they simply go buy another one.  I happen to fall into the first category and Brian Jarocki falls in the second category.  Brian purchased his 2nd Nissan 240SX nearly ten years after his first 240SX, and so the love affair continues...
THMotorsports: How long have you owned the car?
Brian Jarocki:
  It's only going on about a month at this point. Traded my 2001 Lincoln Navigator for it. I wanted a sportier car, and he needed a truck so it worked out.

THM: What made you purchase the car?
Brian Jarocki: I got tired of driving a SUV for 2.5 years. I had a 1995 240sx back when I was 15 but had to get rid of it. Always loved these cars.

THM: How long have you been into tuning cars and how did you get into it?
Brian Jarocki: Cars have been a life long obsession. I used to be nose deep in magazines just checking out the latest numbers cars were putting down or the hottest new parts coming out.

THM: What other cars have you owned and where would you rank your car?
(In order from first to current)
1995 Nissan 240sx
1989 Jeep Wrangler
2001 Lincoln Navigator
1995 Nissan 240sx.

I loved my first 240sx but I had to get rid of it because of rust issues. The Jeep was just a cheap pickup that I still have, it's great in the winter and is a fun toy offroading. The navigator I've had for the longest and enjoyed it for what it was, but it was finally time for a change and now I'm rocking my 240sx, which I love with a passion

THM: What plans do you have for the car?
Brian Jarocki: Cosmetically it's pretty much done, maybe a roof spoiler or different wheels eventually. Motor wise: I have an 18g turbo coming in, along with that I'm going to be upgrading to a metal head gasket, ARP head studs, 750cc injectors, and the Apexi PowerFC

THM: Has the car been on the dyno? if so, how much... or if not...what's your estimate?
Brian Jarocki: Hasn't been on the dyno in my possession but I'd estimate low to mid 200's to the wheels. I'm shooting for ~310whp once I'm done with the engine mods this winter.

THM:  What are some of the crazy things you've done in your car?
Brian Jarocki:
Nothing crazy has happened in this car yet, havn't been driving it long enough yet! Haha

THM: Who are your current sponsors?
Brian Jarocki: Project X Customs, THmotorsports

THM: Do you show the car? Race the car/drift? Daily Driver?
Brian Jarocki:It's going to be my daily over the summer, as well as a show car and I plan to eventually get into road racing/time attack.
Nissan 240SX: Clean Sweep
Vehicle Make: Nissan
Model: 240SX
Year: 1995
Trim: SE
Engine Mods:

SR20DET Red Top Swap (1993)
Megan Turbo Manifold
Megan Turbo-back Exhaust
XS Power Front Mount Intercooler
Buddy Club Water Temp Sensor
Aluminum Radiator
Greddy Radiator cap

Cobb Tuning Accessport
Brake Mods:

Hawk Performance Pads


18x9 and 18x10 Work Meister SP1
Aero/Exterior: Supermade Instant Gentleman Kit
Silvia Badges
6000k HID Kit

Autometer Boost/Water Temp Gauges
Nismo Shift Knob
Suspension Mods:
Tein Type FLEX Coilovers
Megan Toe Bolts
Pioneer Radio w/ Pioneer Speakers

Photography by:
Photo Motive: Brian Jarocki




0 dude776Tyler Deal 2011-06-22 11:19 #1
Very nice 240. I have a 95 as well, love my car. I'm currently rebuilding the Vq swap that was done in it. It was built as a show car not a race car. :/ blew the motor. First time on the track.
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