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Saturday, 30 Aug 2014
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Infiniti G37S: To Infiniti And Beyond

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Infiniti G37S: To Infiniti And BeyondWe all know that Nissan Motorsports has been sturring the racing pot for quite some time and the new Infiniti G37S is no exception. With 330 HP and a six-speed manual trans, it’s a good starting point for any street machine. In 2007, Wes purchased an Infiniti G35 and immediately fell in love and began to create his dream machine, an all black G35. However, his G35 dreams would come to a screeching halt after he laid “eye” on a new monster, the 2008, Infiniti G37S.

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Most men and their prized vehicles never want to look like the neighbors car. We want to stand out from the crowd. We want to turn heads and break necks (HP whiplash included). We want what no other man has and we want to be the
Here’s a list of current parts on the car.
* Custom painted headlight housing
* Custom painted grille
* Custom built fog light/cold air intake/brake vent housing
* JWT popchargers (intakes)
GT Spec Front Strut Tower Bar
Seibon TS style carbon fiber hood
* BC 32 level adjustable coilovers
* Volk Racing GT-30 Phantom Edition    
   Wheels 20x9.5 and 20x10.5
* Rays Engineering lightweight aluminum lugs
* Front: Nitto Invo 255/35/20
* Rear: Nitto Neo Gen 305/25/20
* Magnaflow true dual exhaust
* Seibon carbon fiber trunk
* Seibon carbon fiber spoiler
SPC rear camber kit 

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baddest. Wes, has set out on that quest and so far it’s so good. Wes saw the G37 come out in August 2007 and thought it would be a great upgrade from his G35, so he bought it and immediately blacked out the rear lights and thus began his machine. I wouldn’t exactly call it a “Dark Knight”, maybe a “Moon Night”?

“I wanted to have a theme with the car and make it stand out from the other G's out there,” said Wes. That he has done. From the looks of it, he’s one of the baddest G’s on the block.

Wes custom built the fog lights/air intake/ brake vents by hand because he didn't like the fake vents that were there. Wes also custom painted the headlights and grille by hand to flat black to match the Volk GT-30 Phantom Edition wheels (they have a flat black lip). I believe Wes has enough black on the car now, but just when you thought it can’t get any blacker, Wes is now considering getting it wrapped with a flat black vinyl. Well, it will protect the paint underneath at least.

Wes purchased the Seibon carbon fiber hood (TS style) because his original hood was getting chipped up. Must be those Southern Cal twisties he has in the video. He then purchased the Seibon carbon fiber trunk and rear spoiler after someone didn't know how to park and scratched the whole rear-end up. (See Seibon Carbon fiber products review)

The car is dropped on BC coil over springs, bought from THM and the rear wheels are cambered correctly via the SPC rear camber kit, also bought from THM. The wheels as mentioned are a special edition, Volk Racing GT-30 Phantom Edition. Wes had them wrapped with Nitto Invos all the way around, but after only 4,300 miles, the rears were wore down to the metal belt. He now has Nitto Neo Gen's on the rear with the Invos up front.

You can talk more with Wes on and . So, the last thing that we asked Wes what the future plans for the G37s are. Here’s what Wes had to say:

So my next steps is to make it more show worthy, this includes taking out the spare tire and running a 12" Rockford Fosgate T2 sub with a 1000watt amp all in a custom fiberglass box. I would also like to wrap the car (minus the trunk and hood) with flat black wrap. I think this will make it stand out from others, but then again my girlfriend says it will look like primer and unfinished.

The next performance modification is an ECU reflash by Technosquare. This should release some extra horses, but if they don’t have my map I will go with Cobb Access Port from THM. –Good choice, Wes! There are not that many parts out for the G37, but hopefully with the release of the 370Z we can get some more parts for our cars.

The far, far future (if it is released) is to supercharge the car. I would like to go with a Vortec Centrifuge style (turbo looking supercharger) to keep it CARB legal. Out here in California, it's difficult to mod your car with all the air requirements, etc. So stealth is the aim of the game when trying to mod out the engine.

Good luck, Wes. THMotorsports looks forward to seeing more of your car grace our pages.
*For a list of products that fit the Infiniti G37S, click below.

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