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Tuesday, 02 Sep 2014
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Bumblebeast: 2006 STi

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Bumblebeast STITwo years ago, Dima rolled an Accord that would make Paul Walker’s character in Fast & The Furious blush. (Sedan to coupe conversion, anyone?) It was then that Lady Luck smiled on him… he got a call telling him he’d won a contest he’d forgotten he’d even entered. Dima had just won a new 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi from MTV2 & Midway Games in their L.A. Rush contest.
Not just an new car, but a show-worthy STi. Lamborghini yellow paint with a purple glitter clear coat, and Bentley black stripes to give it an unmistakable appearance. Not content to cut corners, MTV had the entire interior recovered in black suede and yellow leather to match.

Being that it was for MTV, the car wouldn’t be complete without a full Eclipse I.C.E. system with double-din navigation, full three way component speakers custom mounted in suede-wrapped door, and extending

into the trunk. Christmas had definitely come early.

While many would’ve been content to drive a free show car, Dima wanted a track-worthy animal. That’s when he met up with THMotorsports who couldn’t resist sponsoring the one-of-a-kind Scooby. Together, they planned out an upgrade path that would give the car as much ‘go’ as it had ’show.’ The first step was to strip the 400lbs worth of fiberglass and subwoofers out of the trunk to resurrect the STi’s superb balance. (Sorry, Xzibit!) A set of Stance GR+ Pro coilovers, Cobb swaybars, and Perrin PSRS gave the car Time Attack worthy handling. The competent four piston Brembos were upgraded with Axxis Ultimates and FTP stainless steel lines. With carving and stopping covered, the engine was ready to be massaged.

Making 300hp from the factory was respectable, but this car needed to move as fast as it looked and that called for 500hp. For that kind of power, THMotorsports decided to force fed the stock EJ25 with a Greddy 18G turbo cooled by a Spearco intercooler.

With some impressive supporting hardware from Walbro, HKS, APR, and Power Enterprises, it was time to tune the beast.

After eight hours of quality dyno time spent with a Cobb AccessPort, we were sure every last once of power had been extracted from the car.

Our goal had been met, the car peaked at a blistering 402hp to the wheels.

The Bumble Beast was born.

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