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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017
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Reader Ride: Super Sonic

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We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Eric Merhout, a THMotorsports customer who is just getting started in the tuner taking a radical approach, snubbing the popular Subbie, and building one radical new bow tie. But, then again, who hasn't dreamed of wrenching on a car that many drivers have overlooked and creating a top-notch car that will turn heads? First launched in 2002 and marketed under the Aveo badge, the sleek Sonic 1.4T represents the second generation of this car that was first unveiled as a concept at SEMA in 2011. So, take a moment to see what Eric has accomplished in a short time...and what he still has up his sleeve for this unique ride!

Chevy Sonic | 2014

Nine Lives | V8 Mazda Miata



Q:  How long have you owned your 2014 Chevy Sonic 1.4T?
I have owned my Sonic for 372 days I purchased in in December of 2013.

Q:  What did you drive before this?
Before I purchased my Sonic I drove a 2006 H3 with a 5" lift and 37" tires...Ha. You might say that I downsized my ride...a bit.

Q:  What led you to build this car?
I selected this car because of the ease in the market to tune and find great products like the ones at THMotorsports. Economy too, it is much less expensive avenue for me to build a super fun daily driver.

Q:  How did you become aware of THMotorsports?
I came across THMotorsports during online research on the top tier company that I'd like to build me car with and THMotosports was clearly that company.

Q:  What was your goal while building this car?
My first goal was to find a company that would sponsor my lil girl and be dedicated to a super unique tuner project cause you just don't see the Sonics "done-up", at least in CO. Can't say I have any specific goal, I am always open to being different and considering anything cool.

Q:  What problems did you face while building this car?
Absolutely zero. Everything (except the tune itself) was done by myself in my garage, down to the track springs. The ease of build on this car was/is non-problematic.

Q: What are your future plans for your car?

Clutch, Short Shifter, wheels/tires, fender flares, mild track roll cage. I also want a true RAM air setup using pass side high beam...and anything that I can find that is ultra cool to do. I am always open to suggestions and backing ;) I'd offer a company to put their name all over her...just sayin'.
Q: How long have you been into tuning cars?
This is my first tuner build. So, you could say...not for long.

Q: What is your favorite thing about this car?
It's the only car in its class stock with boost and capable of 25PSI AND you don't see them all day like Subarus.

Q: What was your most memorable experience in this car?
Ummm..., seeing 120 mph with 2500 RPM & 5 lbs of boost to go...LoL


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