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Friday, 22 Aug 2014
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240SX No Show and All Go

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1992 Nissan 240SX SR20DET: No Show and All GoTHMotorsports has always loved the track, not to say that we're "anti-show" but the real fun is in driving our cars on the track.  So, we feast our eyes on Casey Penn's 1992 Nissan 240SX (S13).  Casey has put much love in his car and it shows, well not really "shows", but you can tell he likes to race.

Casey has been road racing on the east coast for over 5 years and has raced at 9 different  tracks (VIR Full, VIR Grand, SP Main, SP Shenandoah, Mid-Ohio, Gingerman, Beaverun, CMP, Autobahn) and has competed in over 32 2-day events. Every modification to his Nissan 240SX (SR20DET) has a real purpose, unlike a show car.

Casey Penn has over a year as an instructor (certified with NASA MA) and has instructed with PCA, MDA, Trackdaze, ITRexpo, WMHM, Lynsey Cadillac (PDA) and NASA MA.  Casey is a true track warrior (the kind we like) and a true example of what the common man is capable of.

THMotorsports and Casey Penn were first introduced to each other through where THMotorsports is a current sponsor.

The Car:
1992 Nissan 240sx (non-drift, avoiding at all costs)

Casey Penn's Nissan 240SX (SR20DET)
Casey Penn's 1992 Nissan 240SX (SR20DET) Nissan 240SX SR20DET

2600lb wet, 2800lb raceweight


BC stg 1 Cams
STI 525cc injectors
Z32 pistons (9.6:1 CR)
S15 turbo (15psi)
Fidanza Flywheel
RPS clutch kit
3" exhaust
RS-Enthalpy RR ECU
oil cooler
AL Rad.

Energy Suspension bushings
Stance GR+ coilovers (8k/6k springs)
Alignment Camber - F -3.3 / R -2.2
Toe - 0*
Caster - Factory
FD RX7 Wheels (16x8)
1" AL spacers
245/45R16 Hoosier R6 takeoffs
Z32 brake calipers and MC
Cobalt XR2 race pads
Super Blue brake fluid
SS brake lines

Fully rewired to switch panel
MA Motorsports full Cage
Kirkey AL race seats
G-Force 5pnt harnesses

Stripped interior

Parts Supplied by THMotorsports:
front half of rollcage
Stack display, wiring, and sensors
Coilover spring rates, 10k/8k
Front sway bar, Tanabe
SS brake lines
Brake pads Hawk DTC60 F / HT10 R
Super Blue brake fluid
Adjusted race seats about 1" lower for clearance

THM:  How did you first get interested in racing?
Casey:  I got interested in racing when my Dad took my Brother and I to a NASA event called Hyperfest in June 2002.  We did one 20 minute on track session with our cars and I've been hooked ever since.

THM:  How did you become interested in a 240SX? 
Casey:  The 240sx came by accident by way of my first S14  in 2002, I then sold it not knowing much about it because i wanted something with more room, but missed it ever since. So i got an S13 shell and began swapping the engine and upgrading parts in early 2004.

THM:  How did you find your S14? 
Casey:  I found in on as a cheap car, wasn't looking for it. I got interested in it because i was always into modifying cars just never driving them fast, until my dad signed me and my brother up for a Hyperdrive with NASA at Hyperfest June 2002.

THM:  Why did you choose an S13 to build a race car on?
Casey:  The 240sx platform was chosen because they were so rare and unused at the time, why use something ordinary and untested? Lots of R&D went into reliability and longevity of the car for long time track use, up to 40min sessions sometimes. Reliability is something seldom seen in the Nissan community because of short auto-x or drift runs, so information was minimal. Tried a v-mount for 2 years, decided against for long term use and went to a untraditional FMIC and radiator with mechanical fan setup. Current setup after lots of small changes has been going strong for over 2000 track miles with no signs of failing anytime soon.

THM:  What are your plans for your S13 that you have now?
Casey:  laughs.... well, I'm just waiting for the current racing series to be done and I'm changing things up quit a bit.  I have a new engine being assembled and planned out ... a VQ35DE out of a G35 with long-tube headers and stand-alone engine management. Hopefully around 280-300rwhp after extensive tuning will be good enough for wheel-to-wheel racing. New wheel/tire setup will include 17x10 +12 wheels wrapped in 275/45R17 Hoosier R6 or Toyo RA-1 rubber. Fender flares will keep the wheels covered and new 15mm hubcentric spacers will help keep the wheels bolt-on tight and safe. A CF or AL wing will be used at a 11" deck height combined with a Fiberglass reenforced front splitter will supply enough downforce to help make the car competative in the NASA PTA class or eventually NASA ST2 class of W2W racing.

THM:  It looks like next year will be interesting and exciting!  As always, it's a pleasure sponsoring your car and we look forward to next season!  It looks like we may have to do a follow up story... the 350SX.
Casey:  Thanks and I look forward to that!
Casey Penn's 240SX (S13)

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